Final Project

Attached is my final project.  As an introduction, here is my "Purpose" section from my document: Purpose This document will serve as a new course curriculum proposal to be presented to the Delta Greely School District (DGSD) Curriculum Management Committee, should an update in a technology course be necessary. Currently, Delta Junior High School (DJHS) … Continue reading Final Project


Week 8 Reflection- Social Media in Education

Most students (and adults) have social media.  Most people, in fact, have more than one social media account.  It is actually impressive to talk to students about their social media accounts because sometimes they know more about the apps and sites than I do.  This past year, my choir of 18 girls kept an Instagram … Continue reading Week 8 Reflection- Social Media in Education

Week 6 Reflection- Immersion in Education

Immersion: "technology-based experiences that combine physical and digital realities" (4Four Big Ideas).  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are both exciting new ways to transform the lessons we teach. Students can literally be "in" the places they are learning about. It's kinda like a real-life Magic School Bus episode! I really think AR and VR have … Continue reading Week 6 Reflection- Immersion in Education

Week 5 Reflection- Big Data

Every time you search for something online, data is collected.  Every time you purchase something online data is collected. Big Data refers to all the information that is collected through online channels. According to the the Innovation Excellence article from our discussion content, advances in technology allow "this data to be interpreted and analyzed" which … Continue reading Week 5 Reflection- Big Data

Week 4 Reflection- AI in Education

In our discussion notes, it was stated that Wikipedia defines "Artificial Intelligence" as "intelligence demonstrated by machines." In addition, it states that artificial intelligence is "applied when a machine mimics 'cognitive' functions that associate with other human minds, such as learning and problem solving." It is no secret that technology has made impressive progress in … Continue reading Week 4 Reflection- AI in Education

Week 3 Reflection- Standards, Models, and Rubrics

Through this class, we have a chance to apply several of the ISTE Educator Standards.  We are learning about the emerging technologies, which will help us lead our students and peers when using this technology in school.  We collaborate with each other and discuss these new technologies which give us all a better understanding for … Continue reading Week 3 Reflection- Standards, Models, and Rubrics