Week 9: QR Codes/HP Reveal

This week, I doing a bit of a double header because my colleague and I are trying to decide which source to use.  I have never used QR Codes before, but I have seen them used often and think they are great resources. If you have any experience using QR Codes or HP Reveal (previously … Continue reading Week 9: QR Codes/HP Reveal


Week 8: BrainPOP

This week I explored BrainPOP.  I have very minimal experience using BrainPOP; I actually remember proctoring a group of students using BrainPOP for extra practice when I was a first-year teacher, but I never actually looked into the program.  My colleague attended the ASTE conference and shared many technology resources with us including BrainPOP. BrainPOP has … Continue reading Week 8: BrainPOP